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Goldfinches (Year 1)

Mo Farah 


For Black History Month, Year 1 looked at Mo Farah. After watching Mo Farah win his gold medal in the London Olympics, we decided to hold our own mini Olympics. Showing fantastic relationships and team work we competed in running races, jumping races and relay races. We then designed our own Olympic gold medal after looking at the different medals Mo Farah had won. 







We love Reading. 


We have all had so much fun this half term, looking at all the different and new books in our reading area. 





Floating and Sinking. 


This half term we received a letter from the King asking Year 1 to build him a boat. We decided all the different features our boat would need to have. To decide which material we wanted to use we tested to see which material floated or sank. 







After our first half term learning about Castles, we made our own catapults. We all went outside and tested out our design. 






Outdoor Learning. 

We have enjoyed some fun math learning outside this week. 





Team Working in Maths.


Year 1 have been showing they are good relationship bees in Maths, using games we were able to work together to put the numbers in the correct order. 





Fun Outside. 


We have been working on our throwing and catching in PE. We had to do lots of running around to keep warm. 


A visit from the Three Bears. 


This week we had an exciting visitor to our classroom, we were left with 3 bowls of porridge and 3 different chairs. We tried the different bowls of porridge and came up with some fantastic describing words. 





Funky Fingers 


In our first week back we have got ourselves into groups to take part in daily funky fingers sessions. Each week all groups will move around to a new activity. 







Monkey and Me 


This week we have had lots of fun learning the story 'Monkey and Me', we worked in small groups to perform the story using our inside and outside stage. 




Welcome to Goldfinches - Year 1!


We are very pleased to see how well all the children have settled into Year 1. Both ourselves and the children are proud of all the hard work which we are seeing in the classroom.We have a very exciting term looking at castles which I am sure the children will thoroughly enjoy. 


If there are any concerns or questions regarding your child or their learning, please let us know and we can arrange a time at the end of the day. 


I hope you enjoy looking through all the pictures of the children's learning. 


Thank you 


Mrs Grimmer and Mrs Doy.