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Green Woodpeckers (Year 5)

Welcome to Green Woodpeckers - Year 5!


Welcome to our class page! We are excited to share with you how hard the children are working and demonstrating the Reydon learning behaviours.


Thank you for your continued support. If you need to speak to one of us regarding your child, we will be happy to organise a time with you.


We will be updating our class page regularly with news, pictures and more, so stay tuned and enjoy our learning journey! 


The Year 5 team,

Mrs Pigney and Miss Read



French Trip

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Plant Reproduction


In Year 5 we have been exploring the reproduction of flowering plants, using scientifc vocabulary and classification to explain the process of pollination and fertilisation. As a part of this topic, we have taken cuttings from a spider plant, in the hope that we will be able to produce our own. 














Topic Fair


In case you missed this term's Topic Fair, here are some photographs of the display by Year 5.



The display board contained various art work and written work. This included: hieroglyphic name work, press printing, Egyptian newspapers, seasons and society.



Year 5 made shabtis from newspaper and modroc, which they then decorated with pearlescent paint, using Tutakhamun's sarcophagus as inspiration. They also made beautiful Egyptian jewellery from clay.


In Design and Technology, the children created a shaduf. In Egyptian times, a shaduf was used to gather water from the Nile. The construction was based on a lever system, as it balances on a pivot and there is a counter balance weight. We also displayed some of the homework produced over our 'Walk Like an Egyptian' Topic.


Assembly Dance Performance


Year 5 were true 'risk taking armadillos', when performing their choreographed dance in a whole school celebration assembly. Different children contributed different dance moves to the create the dance and the final result was excellent.




Sports Relief


In order to raise money for Sports Relief, children and staff came dressed in sports wear on Friday 23rd March. The children also took part in a Steps Challenge to see how many steps they could achieve as a class, in a carousel of one minute activities. 



Health and Fitness Day


To encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle, a range of activities were organised for the children for our Health and Fitness Day. 
Year 5 started the day by completing a mindfulness colouring task, where they were in the moment and taking time out for themselves. It is believed to be very beneficial for relaxation and an individuals well-being. 



The children learnt about the importance of a healthy diet and how to balance their meals. They discovered the different food groups, which make up a balanced diet, and investigated which foods belonged to which group. They reflected on what they had learnt and designed their own healthy lunch box.




The children were introduced to many active and fun games, including 'Clap Catch', 'Cone Chase', 'Tennis ball Parachute' and more. These games would also be appropriate to play on the playground and therefore gave them ideas for break and lunch times.



We learnt about the importance of sleep and the effect a positive or negative sleeping pattern could have on our bodies and brain. We also discovered that the most popular sleeping position was the feotus postition.



The children had a yoga session to practice balance, posture and breathing while learning many different yoga positions.




Lastly, the children also had the opportunity to train in a few Kuk Sool Won moves. Their resilience and risk taking during the session was excellent!





Investigating Solubility

The Daily Maya


In Topic, Year 5 looked at the Mayan story of the Hero Twins. Our previous unit in English was Newspapers. As a class we wrote a newspaper article to recall the events of the story.

Mayan Day


In line with our Magnificent Maya topic, last week Year 5 enjoyed a fun packed Mayan Day, while dressed as a traditional Mayan.


The children made their own Mayan masks out of clay, inspired by ones worn during celebrations/ festivals and ones used to adorn their dead.

The children decoded Mayan Maths by expressing numbers with gem stones, pasta shells and pasta sticks.



Year 5 also had the opportunity to try typical Mayan foods, including drinking chocolate with chilli.



Testing Materials for Food Preparation 

Year 5 explored materials most suited for food preparation at a festival. The criteria our materials had to meet were: non-absorbent, scratch resistant and pass a smoothness test. The children tested several materials by placing them in water, attempting to scratch them and testing their texture. Below are images of the investigation and the classes results. 

Budding Journalists

In English, we have been looking at how to write a newspaper article, including the who, what, where, when, why and how, as well as choosing appropriate headlines. 
Below is our class Shared Write, where the pupils completed a survey about equality between genders, and then analysed the results to create our own newspaper article about equality at Reydon Primary School. The pupils were so mature and reflective, and I am very proud of them! 

Grand Designs

Using the Maya city, Tikal, in Guatemala as inspiration, we first challenged the children to build Mayan pyramids out of Lego. Year 5, then placed these pyramids opposite each other to create a central plaza as seen in Tikal. The community would have been surrounded with temples, pyramids, a ball court and a palace for a city ruler. The plaza/ ball court area was once used as a market or meeting place for festivals and ceremonies.

The children were then tasked with collecting sticks from outside, to create a structure of a Naah (a Mayan house) out of clay and sticks.

Getting into Character


In Guided Reading, Year 5 have been looking at 'Toro! Toro!' by Michael Morpurgo. The children really got stuck into the characters and the Spanish culture. In small groups/ pairs, they role played 'The Dance' between a Matador and a Bull. 

School Council Elections

On Friday, Year 5 elected their school council candidates for the year. Hopeful candidates gave a speech, which they had prepared themselves and took questions from their peers. Mirroring our own democracy, the children posted their ballot papers to assign who they felt would represent our class and the school. We would like to congratulate Lilly-Rose and Hadley on their new roles as the Year 5 school council representatives.



Solar System


Today, Year 5 have been exploring the solar system. They represented the Sun and the eight planets using various sized balls, then took small steps and giant leaps, to map out their relative position in our solar system. Great work Year 5!


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