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Nightingales (Year 6)

Welcome to Nightingales - Year 6!



Welcome to our class page! We are very excited to share our learning in Year 6 with everyone. Please keep an eye out for updates of photos and great work, which we will share with you on a regular basis. 
Our class newsletters will be made available every half term, as well as any other important documents you may need. 
Thank you for all of your support, 

Miss Prindible

French Trip

French Trip 1
French Trip 2
French Trip 3
French Trip 4
French Trip 5
French Trip 6
French Trip 7
French Trip 8
French Trip 9
French Trip 10
French Trip 11
French Trip 12
French Trip 13
French Trip 14


Homework will be sent home every week on a Wednesday. There will be online Maths tasks available at (Please see link below), as well as online Grammar tasks on Active Learn Primary (link below). A letter with your child's password for MyMaths has been sent home. Homework club will be offered on a Thursday from 12-12:30 for any pupils who need help, or need access to the internet at school. If you have any questions or concerns, please do let me know. 
Thank you for your support,

Miss Prindible

Light and Shadows

In Science, we have been looking at Light, and the children created a hypothesis about shadows and went outside to test it! The children we very resilient and resourceful, and wrote some fantastic experiments using scientific language. Well done, Year Six!




To celebrate the completion of our KS2 National Tests, Year Six went bowling on 17th May. The children were an absolute credit to our school, and were complimented by staff at the bowling alley on their exemplary behaviour. The children had a great time bowling and enjoying some well deserved snacks.

Skyping a Canadian School

To make our learning come alive, we arranged a Skype session with a Grade 5/6 Class from Petawawa, Ontario. Before we Skyped, we did research about their town and came up with questions to ask them. It was a fantastic experience, and we are really excited to Skype with them again and answer some questions for them! 


The Art of Being Human

This term in Science, we are studying the Circulatory system and the impact of a healthy lifestyle on your body. We looked at the function of the heart, and created three-dimensional hearts to demonstrate our knowledge. We were very resilient and reflective, and took many risks while making them. Year Six were fantastic!  

This term in Year Six we have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The children have been absolutely enthralled with the novel, and have produced some fantastic pieces of work! We have completed newspaper articles, character descriptions, travel brochures and non-chronological reports, with some ghost stories, descriptive writing and a film review to come, all whilst we have been analysing and understanding vocabulary and making inferences within each chapter. Take a look at our fantastic display. Well done, Year Six! 

Science- Measuring the playground to see how many dinosaurs could fit across it!

Science- Measuring the playground to see how many dinosaurs could fit across it!  1
Science- Measuring the playground to see how many dinosaurs could fit across it!  2

Year Six Science- Testing Conducting and Insulating Material

Year Six at Crucial Crew

On Tuesday, 14th November, 2017, Year Six attended Crucial Crew at Lowestoft Community Church. We learned about road safety, Internet safety, train safety, fire safety, beach safety and electrical safety. The presentations were very interesting and engaging, and Year Six had loads of fun! The highlights were definitely the "Ghost Box", which taught us about electrical hazards and the impact they can have, and the fire safety presentation. Year Six were beautifully behaved and engaged in every presentation given. Well done, Year Six! 




War Horse

As our War Horse unit comes to an end, we wanted to share some fantastic work with you! Our board is full of wonderful work, and the children have produced beautiful diary entries from the perspective of Albert after he has been reunited with Joey. They are using lovely vocabulary and characterisation, and their progress over the unit has enabled them to do this. Well done, Year Six! 



Rationing Trading Game

In History, we are studying World War Two. In our lesson on Tuesday, we looked at rationing and the amount of each item people would get. We couldn't believe the amount of things, like butter, or one egg per week per person! We then played a rationing trading game, where each of us had a task to achieve and we had to trade items and coupons we had in order to complete the task. Some of us found it trickier than others!
This game brought to our attention the struggle of rationing and how to cope with small amounts of things. It also showcased our relationship skills and our reflectiveness, because we were then able to have a thoughtful discussion about how what we want versus what we actually need. Well done, Year 6! 


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"Mathletics" with Beccles Free School

"Mathletics" with Beccles Free School 1
"Mathletics" with Beccles Free School 2
"Mathletics" with Beccles Free School 3
"Mathletics" with Beccles Free School 4

Our Visit from Southwold Museum