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Robins (Reception )

Welcome to Robins Class - Reception!


A warm welcome to all our lovely new children, looking so smart in their new school uniforms.

We will be updating this page regularly so that you can see all the wonderful things that your child is doing as they become independent, risk taking and creative learners.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year as we explore and learn together!


The Reception Team

Mrs. Read (Class Teacher)

Miss. Goldsmith and Miss. Coughlan (Learning Support Assistants)




International Mud Day

International Mud Day started 9 years ago in Belfast, to raise awareness and money for the people in Nepal. Today the importance of MUD will be celebrated all over the World joining all corners of the 'Earth'. We had a fantastic time learning together through stories, scientific facts, planting and simply playing and wallowing in MUD!

The Greatest Show

The children have been rehearsing a planning a circus show using the greatest showman music... What a Spectacular. It was lovely to see such good relationship skills as they encouraged, clapped and cheered each other!

Our beautiful butterflies!

Our cocoons all opened up and we had 10 beautiful butterflies. One of them had damaged wings sadly. We observed them for a day and fed them fruit and sugar syrup and then carefully released them and let them all fly away!!!!

Our class Caterpillars

Our caterpillars arrived looking tinier than ants. We have watched them munch away at their food and become "big and fluffy" "huge caterpillars" and see how they have shed their skins. "it looks like spider webs". They are now beginning to climb to the top and start to rest ready to turn into cocoons.

Our Village Walk

On Wednesday we went for a walk around the village of Reydon to look at all the local environmental features. We saw bus stops, The doctors and dentist, shops, The Randolph and many houses of different kinds! We finished with a playtime on the park.

Maps and Models

We made models and constructions of the different features we saw on the walk. We also created maps and plans.

Our Trip to Easton Farm Park

On Tuesday 27th March we had a trip to Easton Farm Park. It was a great opportunity for us and although it was cold and rainy we had lots if exciting experiences and fun! We went on a coach and could see out of the windows, we collected eggs and held chicks and ducklings, we took a small train ride around the farm to see lots of other animals, fed the lambs with warm milk from a bottle and fed some of the other animals. We learnt so much about how to love and care for them!


Our Gallery

Our Gallery is looking beautiful with Spring pictures and printing. Pattern making and collage.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Elizabeth and her mum have taught us many things this week about the Chinese New Year. We celebrated in various ways: Chinese dragon marching and music, maths games involving the animals of the Chinese New Year, making dragon puppets, drums and blossom pictures and tasting Chinese food.

Chinese New Year

Still image for this video
We created some Chinese dragon dancing music


Still image for this video

The Enormous Turnip

We have been learning to re-tell the enormous turnip story using puppets, props and story maps. We acted it out together and had great fun!

As part of our health and fitness day on Tuesday we made 5-a-day healthy muffins with 3 fruits and wholemeal flour and oats. We worked together with the year 1's and 2's.

Health and Fitness day

The Spring Term in Reception

The children have settled well into the new year and are enthusiastically learning their new Phase 3 Phonic sounds.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Spring Term Curriculum map

We love our new Winter Wonderland reading area

We love our new Winter Wonderland reading area 1
We love our new Winter Wonderland reading area 2

The Autumn Term in Reception


  • Our children are settling well and becoming familiar with their new classroom and garden.
  • They will be enjoying a PE lesson on Thursday mornings so please ensure their PE kit is in school.
  • The children will be offered a healthy snack in the mornings; including toast, cereals, dried fruits and dairy products; as part of our new 'Snack Café'. This is a great time for them to learn all about healthy eating and good hygiene. (Please inform us of any dietary requirements and allergies) 
  • We have daily 'Funky Finger' sessions to increase our fine motor skills ready for writing.


Our lovely Reception Team are always available if you should need to speak to us about individual concerns.



Autumn Term Curriculum Map

Reception Autumn Term Curriculum letter

Super Hero Masks!


We used our "Super" Cutting skills to make theses amazing masks!

Super Hero training!

After making our wonderful super Hero masks we then went on some training! Climbing up and jumping down, balancing, going under and through tunnels and weaving in and out of cones and tyres. Take a look at what Super Heroes we are!!


Policeman visit

On Wednesday we had a visit from our community policeman. We got to try on his hat and stab vest, asked him lots of questions and all had a go in his police car, it was such great fun!

Pumpkin Soup!

This week in Reception we read the story Pumpkin soup and then made our own soup. We found it a bit tricky but we were resilient and chopped up the pumpkin by ourselves. We all took a risk and had a taste of the soup! Some of us loved it so much that we ate three bowl fulls!!


Our Autumn 'Leaf Hunt'

This week we have been using our senses to explore the world around us. After reading the story 'Going on a leaf hunt' we went on our own hunt for colourful leaves and Autumn treasures! This is what we found.......











Transient Art


The children have enjoyed making some beautiful transient Art work based on the Reydon Reflective Owl and Characters from the Gruffalo story.




Funky Fingers

During our soft start sessions, children have been enjoying Funky Fingers fine motor skills activities.

Building Site


In the garden, the children have been playing with our new site office, cement mixer and building blocks.