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The Eco Committee

Help us to win!

Help us to win!  1

Follow the link below and vote for REYDON PRIMARY SCHOOL, 

All you need is an email address and you can vote once per day.

The children have worked hard this year to be "green" and they have all helped with recycling, let's help them now by voting to win a playground made from recycled plastic, (all those crisp packets we have been collecting for terracycle) . 


Accepted waste for the competition

Accepted waste for the competition  1

Items we can recycle, listed below.

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Dear Parent or Carer,
Our school is taking part in the Garnier Plastic Fantastic Recycling Programme. Our aim is to 
empower pupils to tackle one of the most important issues that faces their generation: 
One of the biggest problem areas is plastic bathroom waste. 4 in 10 adults in the UK admit they 
don’t always recycle bathroom items. 54% are putting recyclable household items in the rubbish 
bin. By recycling our bathroom plastic waste, we can make a huge difference. 
30,000 tonnes of recyclable bathroom waste ends up in landfill every year. That’s equal to 18,000 
cars! If every UK household threw their next empty shampoo bottle into the recycling bin, it 
would save £135,000! Or they could save enough energy to vacuum around 82,460 homes.
We appreciate that council recycling schemes are confusing and inconsistent. By working with 
Garnier and TerraCycle® we can help you recycle all your bathroom waste. Our council can’t 
recycle everything, but we are teaching our pupils that TerraCycle® can recycle most of these 
Pupils can make a difference and have the chance to win great prizes too! Our school will earn 
points for every piece of bathroom plastic that pupils donate. We can use our points to fund school 
projects, and the school that collects the most plastic will win a £10,000 playground makeover! 
We are also challenging pupils to design a recycling hub for the school. The most inspirational 
school recycling hub design submitted before Friday 5th July, will win an iPad for the school. For 
full T&C’s please visit
1. Collect all your plastic bathroom waste so your child can sort it.
2. Help your child identify which of these bathroom plastics our council can recycle. Make sure 
they get recycled with your other household recycling. Pupils are learning how to tell the 
difference in school, but if they forget, you can check here:￾recycling
3. Help your child identify which of these bathroom plastics our council can’t recycle. 
4. Send these items into school for recycling. The Hard-to-Recycle Plastic Checklist (enclosed) 
will help with this.
5. Give your child lots of praise for helping to make an important 
difference in the world!
Thanks for your support!
The Garnier Plastic Fantastic Education Team

Eco-committee members busy emptying the crisp packet boxes.

Eco-committee members busy emptying the crisp packet boxes.  1

Eco-committee members amazed over the amount of batteries we have collected already!

Eco-committee members amazed over the amount of batteries we have collected already!  1

Big Battery Hunt

As a school, we are part of the Big Battery Hunt, a competition held by the national schools partnership. We are collecting batteries to send away and be recycled. We are encouraging the children to bring in as many used batteries as possible before Monday 3rd June. We are only collecting AAA, AA, C and D batteries for this competition but there are other alternatives for recycling different battery types at other local places.   

Please start collecting as many of these things as possible and bring into school the week beginning 10th June 2019 ready to be sent straight off to Terracycle. 

Thanks for all your recycling support!

Second litter picking adventure complete!!

What a fantastic group of children you all are. You searched the area high and low for all the rubbish you could possibly find. I think we can safely say Reydon rec has been spring cleaned for 2019!


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Picture 3
Picture 4
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Well done to the Eco-committee for completing the first of our planned litter picks. Friday was the beginning of "The Great Big School Clean" and I am very pleased we were able to take part. 

The children are now prepared and enthusiastic for the second clean up.

Great job everyone! 

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Our three chosen topics to work on for 2019

One of the seven steps to becoming an Eco-School is Carrying out an environmental review that helps the school to identify its current environmental impact and highlights the good, the bad and the ugly.

The results of our Environmental Review have informed us of the topics will work on in our Action Plan.

Marine and Coast

Teaches children about local and/or global coastal and marine habitats, how people are affecting these habitats and what we can do to protect them. 


Examines the impact of waste on the environment and explores actions to minimise the amount of waste that we produce and dispose of on a daily basis


Suggests ways in which all members of the school can work together to increase awareness of energy issues and to improve energy efficiency within the school.

The Eco-Committee

The Eco-Committee 1
The Eco-Committee 2
The Eco-Committee 3
The Eco-Committee 4