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Green Woodpeckers (Year 5)

Scroll down our class page to see all of the incredible work and sporting achievements that have taken place in Year 5!

Welcome to Green Woodpeckers - Year 5!


We have lots of exciting and creative opportunities ahead of us this term and you can see what we have been up to recently in the photos below and useful website links are at the bottom of the page. 


Spelling lists will be handed out on a Friday to be learned for the following Friday.  I will continue to set online homework tasks and whilst these may be on MyMaths, Grammar Bug or paper based, pupils should regulary log on to their PurpleMash account for follow up spelling tasks as well as TimeTable Rockstars to aid their recall of times table and division facts. 


Thank you for your continued support. If you need to speak to one of us regarding your child, please allow for a time to be arranged and organised via the school office. 

The Year 5 team,

Mrs Pigney and Mrs Mills



Homework- Grammar on PurpleMash is waiting for you as is a spelling quiz.

Third Medal Winners- Girl's Football Tournament

Religion and Worldviews- being thankful and exploring thanksgiving (trying space food and thinking about the experiences of Buzz Aldrin)

Match report- Year 5 Boy's Football Tournament

Boy's Football Tournament!

Ringsfield Hall Trip

Topic- Map reading skills- Year 5 used four-figure grid references to locate symbols and identify locations at a given grid reference. Fantastic work Year 5!

Engineering Afternoon

Year 5 Tournament and Spring One Learning so far

Autumn Term Church visit linked to Gospel

Congratulations to our class School Councilors, Road Safety officers and Eco-committee members.  

Year 5 Newsletters and Homework

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