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Hen Harriers (Year 3)

Welcome to Hen Harriers - Year 3!


Welcome back to Year 3! We hope you are all excited for the Summer term, we have lots of exciting learning ahead of us. This term we will be covering lots of different topics including: light, plants, the Bronze Age and a fieldwork study about our local river. We are also really looking forward to starting our class novel - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis.


We are hoping to make the most of our outside spaces this term so keep checking our class pages to see pictures of our learning and exploring.


Please note that our PE days have changed this term. We now have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Thank you for all your support, we are really proud of our Year 3 class.


Miss Lilley, Mrs Rose and Mrs Hutchinson


Homework Menu


Please see the homework menu for the Summer term and complete 4 pieces by Friday 9th July.

We were so impressed with the amazing homework that Year 3 produced in the Autumn term. We will be sharing our homework here as it comes in, so keep your eyes peeled!


Please remember to send pictures or documents to the school office, as we are currently unable to take in physical copies of the work the children have completed.

Year 3 Music Performance


Spellings will be sent home and uploaded here every Friday. The children only need to learn the column that they are sent home with. We will be testing spellings on a Friday morning. Feel free to use whichever method works best for your child!


No spellings this week (28th June) due to Arts Day.

MyMaths and Grammar Homework

We will be posting details of our weekly homework here every Wednesday. The children will be reminded in school too. All of the logins needed can be found in the front of the children's reading records.


Wednesday 23rd June - 30th June

MyMaths: Position and turning



Curriculum Map and Year 3 Newsletter

Knowledge Organisers

Fun with mirrors!

Year 3 have started to learn about light in Science. We have been looking at reflective surfaces and played some fun games to understand how mirrors work. This one involved following a wiggly line on the playground without looking at the floor, we could only look at our feet through the mirror. Very tricky but lots of fun!

Poetry in Year 3 

We are pleased to share with you our virtual poetry book. The children worked really hard at their limericks and put in a lot of effort to illustrate them for our book.

Great British Bake Off

Thank you to all of the children and grown ups that took part in our DT project at home. Take a look below to see some of the delicious scones Year 3 produced!

The Iron Man

We have started reading our class novel, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Year 3 have been telling the story through drama. Have a look at their freeze frames and speech work!

Virtual Stone Age Day

Year 3 had a virtual Stone Age Day this week and we had lots of fun! We especially enjoyed our Meet the Expert Zoom meeting, and we learnt a lot about how to survive in the Stone Age! We went foraging, made tools, did some cave painting, made Stone Age stewed fruit and we built Stone Henge out of biscuits! Have a look at the pictures to see the amazing things we got up to.

Forces Investigation

We have started our new Science unit all about forces and magnets, and the children had a go at planning and conducting their own investigations. They used some toy cars and tested the amount of force needed to move them on different surfaces. They came to the conclusion that we need to use more force to push something on a bumpy surface, and less force to push something on a smooth surface.

Ancient Greek Day

We really enjoyed our Ancient Greek day and we learnt lots about things that the Ancient Greeks invented! We all made a mask inspired by Greek theatre props, as well as an olive wreath to wear for our own Olympic Games. All three teams managed to win a gold medal, which we found very exciting!

Animal Hunt!

The children braved the weather to go on an animal hunt in their science lesson this week! We have been learning about the three different types of skeleton and their job was to find all 24 animals and sort them based on whether they had an endoskeleton, an exoskeleton or a hydro static skeleton. They all did a super job, we were especially impressed with their team-working skills and perseverance!

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