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Junior Road Safety Officers

'We are incredibly proud of our 2018/2019 Junior Road Safety Officers who were awarded the highest level possible for their annual scrapbook submission, receiving the Gold Award. This reflects perfectly all their hard work. Well done Aaliyah, Thomas, Molly and Lily'.

Be Aware - Speed Checks!


On Friday April 5th, Reydon Primary School were fortunate enough to receive a visit from PC Simon Green, Community Engagement Officer, Halesworth Police Station. PC Green took the Junior Road Safety Officers out into the village to do some vehicle speed checks. PC Green trained the officers to use the speed gun and they all quickly picked up the necessary technique to begin checking vehicle speeds in our village. The children discussed the risks involved in cars driving too quickly through our community, especially so close to our wonderful school.


One member of the public was pulled over for exceeding the national speed limit, after official words of advice from PC Green the Junior Road Safety Officers were encouraged to offer some words of advice to the driver themselves. Those words can really be taken into consideration by all road users in our community "Please do not drive too quickly, especially as you are so close to a school, we wouldn't want you to hurt us or any of our fellow pupils"

Molly Year 5. 


PC Green remained at the school to take a whole school assembly and share some of his valuable knowledge with the children on how and when to make a 999 call

Street Feet Training
Just before February half term, our Junior Road Safety Officers became ‘teachers for an afternoon’ and deliveried basic road safety training to our early years pupils.

With the fantastic support of our mentor Ann at Suffolk Highways, the Junior Road Safety Officers quickly and confidently flew through their training session and couldn't wait to get started passing their knowledge on to the early years groups. As a team, they made the decision to deliver four back to back sessions, without a break in sight, so that all pupils in Reception and Year 1 could access this invaluable training.

All groups were left with three key pieces of information to remember and the Junior Road Safety Officers will be making some surprise visits to the classrooms to check that these remain fresh in their minds.


There are plans in place to roll out age specific training and information sharing so that all pupils in the school can be reached in some way by our Junior Road messages.


Well done team!

Welcome to the Reydon Primary School Junior Road Safety 


A big welcome from our new Junior Road Safety Officers. We will be focusing on the road safety issues surrounding our school and local areas. Our aim is to raise awareness on key issues and enable all of our pupils and their families to keep safe!


After an exciting first meeting with Ann Battershill from Suffolk Highways, the team have brainstormed some fantastic ideas to keep us busy all year long. How exciting!

Please keep an eye on this page for updates. We will be running competitions, fundraising events and providing education and information to our school and community.

Junior Road Safety Officer entry poster made by Aaliyah Manning Year 5