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Nightingales (Year 6)

Miss Prindible's Morning Message

Tuesday, 2nd April, 2020


Hello, Year 6! 

Here we are, on our final day of this two week 'home schooling' experience. 

We have learned how to navigate this alongside each other, and I am so proud of how hard you have worked. I have truly loved getting emails and seeing all of your work. You are obviously working as hard at home as you do in school, and that resilience and self-motivation is such an important characteristic that will stick with you forever. 


Tomorrow, I will update with some Easter activities that you can do if you're feeling a bit bored/stir crazy, but I want to emphasise that is very important that we take a break and enjoy these two weeks with our loved ones. It may feel a bit different than other breaks we have had, but we still need to relax and make the best of it. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so I expect to hear lots about you all being outside! 


As a special treat, I have uploaded the next chapter a day early! Once you've read it, email me and tell me what you think the meeting will be about... I only have one chapter left after this one, and then I need to get writing, especially if I will be posting a chapter a week. I hope you all like it! 


Have a great day, take care of yourselves, and keep smiling! 

Miss Prindible





Happy Easter Everyone! 


We all hope you are well and are enjoying the home learning activities available to you. We are all extremely proud of how you have approached your learning at home. The work we have seen has been excellent and you are all showing us the Reydon learning behaviours even though you are not in school. We have seen evidence of risk taking and challenging yourselves, being resourceful and using the schools website, being reflective when we have given you comments on how to improve your work,  being resilient through completing work in unusual situations and showing good relationships through communicating well with your teachers and your family. 


However, it is now time for a well-earned break, for you to rest and to have some fun before the next school term. We know this holiday is going to be different compared to others so, to help you if you get bored, we have put together a Boredom Busting Easter Activities page below. There are a range of fun activities to have a go at over the holidays.


We look forward to the new term but,for now, have some fun with your families and enjoy Easter. 


From everyone at Reydon Primary 

This Week's Learning Timetable:
Hi Everyone! We are aware that some of the learning platforms are having difficulties. Please note the tasks for each day on the learning timetables can be completed in any order which may help ease demand on these platforms. Many thanks Mrs Hurren and Mrs Tucker.
Today's Learning Resources:
Useful Websites:

Geography Knowledge Organiser- The United States of America

Wonderful World Book Day


We had an amazing World Book Day this year, filled with lots of reading and activities around books. We have all suggested some great reads for Miss Prindible, and she has suggested some for us too. We also read with different classes in the library, and it was lovely to experience new stories or books we may have never heard of. We had a great day! 


Exploring World War II Through Drama

Today we got the privilege of working with Mrs. Tucker and Joe Leat on using drama to explore our topic of World War II. The children played games and explored locations and places and people linked to WWII, and then they specifically explored The Blitz and did freeze frames and some speech in order to convey their emotions. They were so confident and worked wonderfully! Great job, Year 6! 



Maths and Oracy

We have been working on our problem solving and reasoning in Year 6, and recently had a really active lesson where we had to solve word problems, and then explain our steps! We found it really challenging, but enjoyed working in pairs and explaining our thinking- it made the process of problem solving and reasoning much more clear. 

Great work, Year 6!