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Nightingales (Year 6)

Miss Prindible's Message
W/C 1st March, 2021

Hello, Year 6!

Three cheers for the last week of remote learning! You have all been so amazing, but I know we will all be really relieved next Monday when we get to come into school again. This week, we have lots of fun activities on the schedule, and I can't wait to see you at all of our live lessons. 
See you both virtually, and in person, very soon!
Miss Prindible

Our Remote Learning Highlights

Electric Circuits

In Science, we have been exploring the wonders of electricity. We have been working on a festive lights project, and have been able to explore a variety of circuits, using equipment safely in our classroom. We have discussed electrical safety, and are looking forward to our designs coming to life. 

Planning an Antarctic Expedition


This half-term, we have been studying Ernest Shackleton and his Antarctic adventure. This week, we have looked at what would be required for a modern day expedition to Antarctica, and costing everything out effectively. We cannot believe the layers required! It's no wonder that early explorers were not adequately prepared for the climate. Combining Maths and Topic was so much fun!


Yoga in Year 6

One of our P.E. topics this half-term has been Yoga. We have loved doing it on a Friday, and find it so relaxing. We also have done some mini-meditations, and find ourselves headed home for the weekend ready to relax. We have also noticed an improvement in our flexibility and balance. 


Trading on the Black Market


Year 6 have been learning about World War 2, and on Wednesday got to experience what trading in the Black Market would have been like. The children then maturely discussed how it would have felt to be in a position to have to decide between necessities. They were shocked at the amount of items that were rationed during this time, and made some interesting comparisons between that and the lockdown in March. Excellent reflection, resilience and risk-taking. Great job, Year 6!



Editing and Improving


In Year 6, we are reading War Horse, and the children are working on their ability to write descriptively using figurative language. They have also been working on editing and improving their work, specifically thinking about the intent of their writing and the impact it will have on readers. Year 6 are using great vocabulary, and working really hard on being reflective and resilient as they draft and redraft their work. Way to go, Year 6! 


Long Division


Year 6 have worked very hard to grasp short and long division! They have been working on ensuring they "chunk" the numbers, and are taking everything one step at a time. They have shown great resilience. Well done, Year 6! 


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