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Nightingales (Year 6)

Welcome to Nightingales - Year 6!



Welcome to our class page! We are very excited to share our learning in Year 6 with everyone for our 2018-2019 school year. Please keep an eye out for updates of photos and great work, which we will share with you on a regular basis. We are really looking forward to our learning journey this year!
Our class newsletters will be made available every half term, as well as any other important documents you may need. 
Thank you for all of your support, 

Miss Prindible

Year 6 Recommended Reads List and Letter

Science Afternoon with KS1

On May 20th, Year 6 hosted groups of KS1 children in our classroom whilst we performed an experiment where we extracted and analysed the DNA of an onion using household items. It was very interesting to see what the onion DNA looked like and how it separated, and we enjoyed sharing our Science knowledge and scientific enquiry skills with the younger children. Year 6 did so well talking the younger children through the experiment and showed great relationships. Great job, Year 6! 


Year 6 Bowling

To celebrate all of our hard work this year, Year 6 went Bowling on Thursday, 16th May. The children were so excited to bowl with their friends, and were excellent ambassadors of our school. They have all worked so hard this year as they prepared for the KS2 National Tests, and they deserve to feel proud of all of the progress they have made. Great job, Year 6!



Modern Slavery Workshop 

As part of our PSHE curriculum, we had Joe and Helen from Just Enough come in and give a presentation about what modern slavery looks like. The presentation was very engaging and exciting, and the children were very respectful and understanding of the struggles faced by other people in our world. It was an enlightening experience for the children, and although it was very fun and active, they were still mature in their understanding of a sensitive issue. I am very proud of you, Year Six! 

Using Dominoes to Understand Fractions

On Friday, 1st March, we used Dominoes to help us solve Maths words problems. We really enjoyed solving problems using the Dominoes and seeing how they could make various whole numbers. It was very difficult to solve the problems, but we worked together and made some really good progress in our learning and understanding of the concept of fractions. Well done, Year 6. 

Suffolk Junior Schools Mock Trial Competition

Year 6 were very fortunate today to take part in the Suffolk Junior Schools Mock Trial Competition. Judge Overbury visited us today and we performed our court room drama "Johnny Rotten" for the judge and his colleague. Johnny Rotten was accused of stealing a bicycle. The rehearsals in PSHE gave the children an opportunity to discuss the rule of law, why law is important, and how to decide guilt, as well as an insight into the court system. Judge Overbury was fantastic and stayed to answer some questions the children had about his time as a judge. The children performed brilliantly and asked very thought provoking questions. Well done, Year 6!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


This term in English, we have started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We are exploring all types of different texts in our writing. One piece we just finished is a persuasive travel brochure for Diagon Alley- we need to stop Owlzon (an online wizard shop) from taking customers away from the local shops. We used AFOREST, which is an acronym we have learned to use to ensure our persuasive writing is very convincing. 

London Trip 2018

Year 6 took on the big city on Wednesday, 21st November, and had an amazing time! Although the coach trip there was long and arduous, they were so resilient and respectful. We had a whirl wind tour around The Natural History Museum, and then ate lunch on the coach as we headed to the Lyceum Theatre for an afternoon performance of The Lion King. The show was magnificent, and the children were enamoured with the songs, acting and costumes. It was a brilliant day and the children were amazing representatives of Reydon Primary School. Well done, Year Six! 

Science Circuit Challenge- Electricity

Story Mapping in Talk 4 Writing- The Caravan- Active Movement in our lessons!

Rationing in World War Two

Today the children took a very hands on approach to learning about rationing with a rationing game. We were all given different coupons and items, and we had to trade with each other in order to complete a task. The children learnt about the struggles to get an item you need, and about how the Black Market worked. They were brilliant and really rose to some difficult tasks, so well done to everyone!

Year 6 Topic Fair- Autumn 1 Homework

Pumpkin Pie Tasting

Year 6 were really excited to try pumpkin pie for the first time to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving around Harvest. We compared pumpkin pie to foods we had eaten before, and looked at the differences and similarities between Canadian Thanksgiving and our Harvest Festival. 

The Sweetness of Classification

In Science we are exploring the classification of living things, and one of our main focuses is how to separate things into groups, and creating classification keys. Today we worked in groups to classify sweets based on their appearance and ingredients, before moving on to classify living things. The children showed all of the Reydon Rs and worked amazingly well. I am so proud of them!


The Sweetness of Classification

Maths Experts

Today in Maths we were looking at place value, which we found quite easy at first. We soon realised the questions got a lot harder, and many of us began to work together to help each other and explain the reasoning behind our answers. Great mastery work today, Year Six! I am proud of you taking control of your own learning.