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Robins (Reception)

Welcome to Robins Class - Reception!


A warm welcome to our lovely new reception children, all looking so smart in their school uniforms and shiny shoes.

We will be updating this page regularly so that you can see all the wonderful things that your child is doing as they become independent, risk taking and creative learners.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year as we explore and learn together!


The Reception Team


Mrs. Read (Class Teacher)

Miss. Coughlan and Mrs. McCartney (Learning Support Assistants)






Happy Easter Everyone! 


We all hope you are well and are enjoying the home learning activities available to you. We are all extremely proud of how you have approached your learning at home. The work we have seen has been excellent and you are all showing us the Reydon learning behaviours even though you are not in school. We have seen evidence of risk taking and challenging yourselves, being resourceful and using the schools website, being reflective when we have given you comments on how to improve your work,  being resilient through completing work in unusual situations and showing good relationships through communicating well with your teachers and your family. 


However, it is now time for a well-earned break, for you to rest and to have some fun before the next school term. We know this holiday is going to be different compared to others so, to help you if you get bored, we have put together a Boredom Busting Easter Activities page below. There are a range of fun activities to have a go at over the holidays.


We look forward to the new term but,for now, have some fun with your families and enjoy Easter. 


From everyone at Reydon Primary 

This Week's Learning Timetable:

Today's Learning Resources:
Please use this sheet on the screen to carry out some simple addition using the counting on method where possible (no need to print unless you want to)
Useful Websites:

Our Chinese new year celebrations

Winter Walk

It was a really frosty morning and so after reading the story of Jack Frost we went for a walk to see the evidence he had left behind. He had made feathery patterns and left cold 'snow' on everything. The ground on the field was frozen hard and crunched under our feet. We found leaves and twigs all stuck together with the frost; we watched our warm breath make steam in the air. When we got back to class we warmed up with a hot chocolate.

Who let the Dads in?

We have had a fantastic time over the last 2 weeks, having some of our dads and grandads in school. We are so grateful for all they have taught us, the different experiences and activities and the exciting fun we have had. We hope you enjoy looking at the wonderful photos. 

The gingerbread man

After reading the story of the gingerbread man we decided to make our own gingerbread men.

Fire! Fire!

Reception have been extremely interested in flints, the stone-age, light, electricity and FIRE!! After Bonfire night we collected wood and kindling and learnt how to make a fire. We then lit it using a flint.

Seasonal fun with potions and pumpkins and building up our motor skills...


We love to cook and after reading some seasonal harvest stories we made hedgehog bread and apple pies... Yum!!

Dinosaur Fossil dig.

Due to children's interests and curiosity we set up a dinosaur dig. We discovered many different skulls and matched them to their owners, made our own fossils from clay and drew our finding in an observation booklet. We used magnets to find coins and made rubbings.

An exciting first few days in Robins class

We have all had a brilliant first week and shown what confident learners we are. We have made lots of new friends and have very quickly settled into our new class. We hope you enjoy the photographs!