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Tawny Owls (Year 2)

Welcome to Tawny Owls - Year 2!



PE - Athletics

World Book Day - 3rd March 2022

We had a really fun day for World Book Day. Throughout the day we read a selection of different extracts from stories and completed tasks about them. After reading 'The Worst Witch', we wrote our own magic potions for a good friend. We read the first chapter of 'A Boy in a Dress' and illustrated Dennis's precious photograph which he describes. Finally, we read part of 'George Marvellous Medicine' and then had great fun creating our own marvellous medicine recipes. We also had some shared reading time with Year 4, which gave us a chance to share our favourite stories and for them to share theirs with us.  

Timetable for 18th February 2022

Good morning everyone. Unfortunately, due to the weather, we are not able to spend that last day before half term together in person. However, I have an exciting day of learning planned for you to complete today and hope to see your lovely faces in our live lessons if you can make it.


The timetable is as follows:

9.00am - Reading - Please read your school reading book to your grown up and talk about what you have read.

9.15am - Guided reading - Please complete the comprehension task posted in the files section. Remember to go back to the text to answer the questions if you are not sure. The answers are there - just be reading detectives!

10.00am - Join me for a live English lesson where we will be learning about word class. Then complete the purple mash task sorting words by class and then have a go at writing some sentences using a word from each group in your sentence. Write these on a piece of paper to bring into school with you after half term. If you want even further practice, I have posted a colouring sheet in the files section of our teams channel for you to print off and complete. 

11.30am - Join me for a live Maths lesson where we will be continuing our work on using the empty number line and expanded column method to solve addition and subtraction calculations.

12pm - 1pm - Lunch

1.15pm - Complete maths task set in this mornings live lesson on My Maths using the methods we have learnt to help you to solve the calculations.

2.00pm - Complete spelling game on purple mash reviewing your key word spellings.

3.00pm - Story time. Join me live for a story and a show and tell session.

Happy New Year!


Welcome back. We hope you have had a good Christmas break with your families. We have a very busy term to look forward to. Please see the curriculum map below for details of what we will be learning. The new spring curriculum newsletter and homework menu is also below for your reference. 



Any information you may need will be put onto our class page and you can also find some useful links to websites at the bottom of this page. We also use the class page to put photos of the exciting work we have completed throughout the term so please check back regularly. 


Please note that our PE days this term are usually on a Monday and Wednesday.


Thank you for all your support.


Mrs Robinson, Mrs English and Mrs Wentworth.

Spring Online Homework now available


I have now allocated the online homework for the children. It can be accessed via MyMaths and Purple Mash.


This work is to be completed by the 1st April so the children can complete the tasks throughout the term. They are not expected to complete them all this week! 


If you have any questions or problems accessing the online homework, please do let me know and I will do my best to help.



Zoom Call to Australia

We had a live lesson with Margaret (a teacher friend of Mrs Robinson's who lives in Australia) who the children spoke to, answering their own questions about what life is like in Australia. The children really enjoyed thinking of questions they wanted to ask her, including whether she had seen a salt water crocodile. We learnt so many facts about life in Australia, our favourite of which was that you can fit all of Europe into Australia as it is such a big country!


We carried out an outdoor math lessons, developing our understanding of multiplication. We used resources around us to make a given group of a number of objects. We also explored that fact that multiplication can be done in any order.  

PE - Yoga

We have been learning Yoga in our PE session this half term. We have been thinking carefully about developing our strength and balance to help us to hold our poses. So far, we have visited the jungle, the farm and the ocean and learnt poses like 'Tree' and 'Snake.'

Making a world map out of spaghetti!

We learnt how to name the continents of the world, in size order. We then looked closely at a world map and tried to create the continents of the world using spaghetti. We then labelled the continents and oceans. It was lots of fun!

Pyjama Day for Children in Need

Learning our Science Vocabulary for Plants

We thought of some freeze frames that we could use to help us to remember the meaning of the new vocabulary that we have been learning as part of our Science work on Plants. 

Gymnastics Sessions with Waveney Gymnastics

We enjoyed taking part in two sessions with Connor from Waveney Gymnastics where we learnt how to jump and land correctly, roll in different ways and took part in exercises to work different muscles in our bodies. 

Setting Description

We learnt how to use adjectives to develop our setting descriptions. 

Outside learning - Making groups of 10

We used the resources around us to help us to develop our understanding of counting in tens. 

Curriculum Map - Autumn Term 2021

Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn 2021

Homework Menu - Autumn 2021

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