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The Eco Committee



Thank you all so much for the fabulous crisp packet collecting, so far through the recycling programmes we are contributing to we have raised £110 for the school.

Terracycle have new guidelines and we are only aloud to send parcels of 8kg or more! This is so we can reduce the carbon footprint even more....

Can I ask you all to flatten the crisp packets as much as you can before you bring them in, this will help us a great deal in being able to pack more in a box.

Thank you again.


Flat packed crisp packets

Flat packed crisp packets  1

We have received some bags from the Recycle with Michael campaign, this campaign is linked with the salvation army and they will donate money to the school for any bags collected...

We have sent home one of the bags with your children and we are asking you to fill it with your unwanted clothing, shoes, bags and sheets. The items should be in a condition that can be used again, nothing dirty or worn out.... Please bring it back to school ready to be collected by the salvation army on the 19th September. 
Please also bring back any unused bags..
Thank you for your support,
The Eco-Committee 

With the beginning of the school year starting, we will be looking for new members to join the Eco-Committee. 

We will do our best to keep up the good work from last year and have some new and exciting projects in the pipelines!! 

Has anyone spotted our winners poster in shops around southwold and reydon ?? 

The whole school took part in making posters to promote reusable bags, they highlighted the effects single use plastic bags have on our environment. The southwold Rotary club kindly judged the posters and picked three winners, the winners were given book tokens as prizes. 

Winning posters, chosen by the southwold rotary club.

Winning posters, chosen by the southwold rotary club.  1

Year 2 showing us their brilliant posters!

Year 2 showing us their brilliant posters! 1

2018/19 Eco-committee members litter picking around the school grounds to join in with "The Great Big School Clean" and I am very pleased we were able to take part.

Great job everyone! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our three chosen topics to work on for 2019

One of the seven steps to becoming an Eco-School is Carrying out an environmental review that helps the school to identify its current environmental impact and highlights the good, the bad and the ugly.

The results of our Environmental Review have informed us of the topics will work on in our Action Plan.

Marine and Coast

Teaches children about local and/or global coastal and marine habitats, how people are affecting these habitats and what we can do to protect them. 


Examines the impact of waste on the environment and explores actions to minimise the amount of waste that we produce and dispose of on a daily basis


Suggests ways in which all members of the school can work together to increase awareness of energy issues and to improve energy efficiency within the school.

Please carry on collecting your waste to be sent off to Terracycle. 

For all information on what is and is not accepted please see the attached posters below.

Thanks for all your recycling support!

Items we can recycle, listed below.

Picture 1