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The Reydon 5Rs – Behaviours for Learning

Behaviour for Learning  - the Reydon 5Rs

Here at Reydon Primary School we like to bring focus to our B4L and how it supports our learning and attitude to others. Behaviour for learning is represented by The Reydon 5Rs:
1. Relationship - Bee
2. Resilient – Robin
3. Reflective - Owl
4. Risk Taking – Armadillo
5. Resourceful - Spider

To encourage this good B4L and enforce school rules, every classroom has a traffic light system. All children start their day on green and aim throughout the day to get on to the silver or gold star. This is achievable through demonstration of good B4L in one or more of the 5Rs and not breaking school rules. In conjunction with this the teachers will often give children leaves, to display on our trees in the reception area for exceptional work and B4L. Leaves are shared with Mr Payne and rewarded with a sticker and a trip into the treasure box!

As a celebration of the children’s continued effort and achievement throughout a week, a Leaf Certificate is awarded to two children in each class in recognition of their hard work and excellent demonstration of B4L.

Certificates are published in the school's weekly newsletter and presented in
Monday’s assembly.  Parents are invited to join us at 3pm.

Friday’s assembly sees one child chosen from each class to receive the Class Bird for displaying excellent B4L within their writing. This gives children the opportunity to share home experiences with their class/school and see what their peers have been up to.