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Reydon Primary School


The Eco Committee

Meet our Eco Committee of 2023-2024! 

We take pride in our school and look for ways to not only help each other, or school and the environment. We were appointed to our new roles in October 2023.       

Things we will be doing before Christmas:

  • Hold our first meeting in the week beginning 30th October. 
  • Started to share our work about 'Cutting the Carbon Campaign' and 'One Tree'.
  • We will be looking at recycling within school and litter picking in and around the school.
  • Planting spring bulbs looking at how to have more plants in school.
  • Ordering Mrs Wentworth's memorial bench.
  • Sending Mrs Doy and Mrs English Emma to some wonderful free eco training to help us in our school. 

Come back and see how we are doing.

Our Work over time.

Our Bee Friendly garden has enjoyed the weather and grown well. The Eco-committee have done a great job looking after it, hopefully there will be plenty of flowers for the bee's to enjoy over the summer holidays while the school is nice a quiet. 




Year 2 Eco-committee making a great start on the 'Bee friendly' garden area. 








Keyworker group B had fun making bird feeders from pine cones they found in our outdoor learning space. They spent time choosing the perfect places to hang them too! 

School-made bird feeders.


The Garden Gang of Keyworker Group B have an ambitious project in mind. Here they are, clearing the area outside of the classroom in preparation for a bug hotel, flower area and space to grow a range of vegetables. 

Keyworker B's beetle bucket!

Why not have a go at home.


Please do keep collecting the valuable recycling for Terracycle, but at this time we are asking you NOT to bring it into school. 

keep those crisp packets nice and flat and they will stack into a box or a bag, you will be surprised how many you can fit in! 

Thank you for your support with this. 

The sun is trying to shine, the plants are beginning to grow, the flowers are starting to bloom and the bees are waking up....

I hope you are all keeping busy with home-school work and spending time with your families, but if you fancy trying to make something a bit different, here are some ideas for you...





See what you can spot in your garden, or when you are going for a walk.



If nothing else at this strange time in the world, the weather is being kind to us. I hope you are all managing to safely enjoy the sunshine one way or another. 

playing in the garden, planting seeds, making dens, feeding the birds, reading a book in the garden are just some ideas for you all. 

Some things to try at home!



I will keep you updated with new activities to try at home, send any photos of your master pieces as I would love to see them! 

If anyone wants to send me some good Eco ideas to share with everyone, tell me about something they have been enjoying outside or show me some photos, you can email me l.wentworth@reydonprimary.org 

My own Eco-committee litter picking the garden!


Eco-kids monthly magazine






The Eco-committee enjoyed planting some different types of tree saplings on Reydon Rec. They had help from some lovely local people. Also a very special sign that was designed by the Eco-committee was erected on the day. 

Tree planting on Reydon Rec.





The Reydon primary eco-committee have recognised the importance of planting new trees for the future of our planet. They have been given the opportunity to do something to help this.

The Eco-Committee completed a questionnaire about planting trees in Reydon. They were asked if they think it is a good idea to plant trees in Reydon and why? They all agreed it is a good idea and said it would encourage wildlife, help towards climate change, give us air to breathe and look nice. The children were asked if they thought the Recreational ground (Rec) in Reydon would be a good place and why? They decided it would be a good place because children play there, there is lots of empty space and it is near the school. The final question for the children to answer was, “Would you like to be involved in planting trees around Reydon?” They all would love to help. 

During National Tree Planting week this year the Eco-Committee will lend their helping hands, with the support of the Parish Council to plant some tree saplings on the Reydon Recreational ground (the Rec). The tree saplings will need time to root over the winter. It would show tremendous support as a community to be vigilant and caring around the saplings when visiting the Rec so they do not get damaged. 

On the 22nd of November we will also be inviting the children to come to school in-non uniform with a suggested donation of £1. 
Some of the donations received will go to Just One Tree this is a non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation. Just One Tree supports established reforestation projects, namely the International Tree Foundation and Eden Reforestation Projects, who plant in areas severely affected by mass deforestation such as Kenya, Madagascar, Haiti & Indonesia.

Just One Tree makes it simple for everyone to contribute to collective action on the climate crisis because just £1 plants one tree.

More information can be found at: https://www.justonetree.life/

Thank you for your continued support

The Eco-Committee
Reydon Primary School  

Has anyone spotted our winners poster in shops around southwold and reydon ?? 

The whole school took part in making posters to promote reusable bags, they highlighted the effects single use plastic bags have on our environment. The southwold Rotary club kindly judged the posters and picked three winners, the winners were given book tokens as prizes. 

2018/19 Eco-committee members litter picking around the school grounds to join in with "The Great Big School Clean" and I am very pleased we were able to take part.

Great job everyone! 

Eco-Schools Letter to Parents[5323].pdf