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Reydon Primary School


Vision and Values


Vision of Reydon primary School

For pupils to develop into aspirational, knowledgeable, resilient and respectful individuals who have the solid foundations and building blocks of learning necessary to develop into successful, responsible global citizens.


Mission Statement 

At Reydon Primary School, we are committed to providing an aspirational, relevant, progressive and knowledge rich curriculum that gives our pupils the best opportunity to succeed at every stage of their learning.  We ensure that children have solid foundations and the building blocks of learning necessary to develop relevant knowledge over time.

During their time at Reydon, children will learn to become critical thinkers, gaining deeper understanding of subject knowledge, and able to question and challenge the thoughts of others with respect. Whilst at Reydon Primary, pupils are exposed to and experience the best of culture, personal character and creativity, in order to instil and inspire aspirations for their own lives and those around them.

Culturally rich learning opportunities are accessed within the local area, Suffolk, and those that reach beyond the county. These enhanced curricular opportunities expose children to a wide range of career aspirations that are open to them now, and inspire them to be part of the development and growth of these and other careers in the future.

As members of local, national and global communities, pupils are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to develop appropriate and respectful interactions with those around them, where the views of others may not reflect their own.  As a reflective educational community, we are dedicated to ensuring the provision of high impact, evidence-based practice. We are committed to providing staff training, in collaboration with The Active Learning Trust, to ensure that children receive the impact of the best educational developments in the profession.

At Reydon, we aim to model a culture where all members are treated with respect, in a safe, nurturing, restorative environment, with policies that recognise behaviour for learning and conduct are interwoven and support holistic success. Robust safeguarding measures are established through all areas of school life to ensure children recognise healthy behaviour in relationships and how to seek support when needed.

We are committed to actualising our ultimate goal at Reydon Primary School: for all pupils to know and be confident in their intrinsic value as individuals and as part of a community; to discovering passions and interests; to be successful in relationships; and to develop and experience resilience when pursuing their love of learning and future aspirations,  both within our community and beyond. 

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