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Reydon Primary School


School Council

Meet our School Council

We are proud to introduce our new school council for 2022-2023, who were elected by their respective classes following a hard-fought election campaign.  They will now participate in regular meetings to provide pupil voice in school decisions.


My name is Maeve.

I like playing football, dancing and singing. I like going to Pirate Pete’s. I like doing meetings and I like doing interviews on the school council.


 My name is Will.

I like Maths and Rugby. I am very pleased to be a member of the Student Council as I like to help people. 




My name is Indi.

I like to dance and I also like to sing. I wanted to be a member of the student council because I like to help everybody. 



My name is Ana.

I like to play with my friends and my dogs. I also like to go fishing with my dad. I wanted to be part of the student council because I want to help others.


My name is Jacob.

I like sports, especially football. I became a member of the school council because I like to feel power and I want to help the school in anything and encourage other people to do things.



My name is Rosie.

In my spare time, I swim a lot; I like to play football and to run. I also have a talent for hula-hooping and skipping. I wanted to be a member of the school council so that I can help people.




My name is Saleem and I am the School Council Secretary.

I like to research and aim to pursue my dreams by doing everything my age permits. My hobbies are diamond painting; driving and flying. I was very keen to be a school councillor so I can help younger children and make an impact on learning and school.


Charity Stall - Some of the Year 5 girls decided to hold their own stall to raise funds for a dog rescue charity in Romania. They were amazing and a credit to the school. Their efforts raised £175!

Crazy Hair Day - we raised £150 for the children's charity choice - The R.S.P.C.A

Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy

The School Council have been working hard on producing their own child friendly child protection and safeguarding policy. They are now keen to share this with all the pupils and adults in the school.


child friendly safeguarding policy sept 2020.pdf


underwear rule children guide.pdf