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Reydon Primary School


Relationships and Sex Education

Relationships and sex education (RSE) at Reydon Primary School is learning about the body, feelings, beliefs, relationships, rights and responsibilities and knowing how and when to ask for help if it is needed. It involves acquiring information, developing skills and forming positive beliefs, values and attitudes. RSE empowers children to build self-esteem, offer positive and open views and support mutual respect and celebration of self and others, providing a strong foundation to be successful in life by:

  • Providing a spiral curriculum, allowing for the development of knowledge relevant to the age and stage of the learner
  • Providing an inclusive learning environment which is safe and empowering for everyone involved
  • Teaching non-biased, accurate and factual information that is positively inclusive
  • Developing character skills to support healthy and safe relationships, ensuring comfortable communication about emotions, bodies and relationships and using appropriate terminology
  • Promoting critical awareness of differing attitudes and views presented through society, the media and peers to enable the nurturing of personal values based on respect
  • Providing protection from shock or guilt
  • Actively involving pupils as evaluators to ensure relevance
  • Ensuring pupils are informed of their rights, including the legal framework and how to access confidential help to keep themselves and others safe.


Scheme of Work - Reception to Year 2

rse sow ks1 2.pdf

Scheme of Work - Year 3 to Year 6

rse sow ks2 3.pdf